Xtraflex ducting and hose


Established in 2003 and wholly privately owned, the Xtraflex brand is growing from strength to strength as our products and service gain worldwide recognition.

Xtraflex distributor MTA Components

Food and Process and Pharmaceutical – Convoflow, Convoluted PTFE hose with PVDF and heavy wall, and Coreflow, Convoluted PTFE hose with vacuum wire and Polypropylene braid and medium wall.

Easyflow SI, Convoluted PTFE hose, stainless steel braid covered with Extruded silicone rubber, and Tubeflow, a PTFE tubing for high purity products, chemicals, dairy and cosmetic products and standard wall.

Smoothflow, is a Smooth bore flexible PTFE hose with stainless steel helix and high tensile stainless steel braid, Speedflow SI, a Smooth bore flexible PTFE hose, St/St helix, Silicone vulcanized high tensile St/St braid, standard wall.

Automotive and Hydraulic
Easyflow: Convoluted PTFE hose with stainless steel braid, Aeroflow: Tape-wrapped PTFE hose with stainless steel braid.

Automotive, High Pressure and Hydraulic
Speedflow: Smooth big bore PTFE hose with stainless steel braid and heavy wall.

Customisation, Automotive and Motorsport
Breakflow: Smooth bore PTFE hose with St/St braid. Dash sizes for reusable and crimp fittings. Clear or coloured PVC cover.

High Pressure
Superflow: Smooth bore high-pressure PTFE hose double bunch-braided stainless steel braid.

Powerflow: Marine fuel hose, smooth PTFE, fire resistant, stainless steel braid covered with vulcanized Hypalon®.

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