Topworx Switch Box D Series

Highly reliable controllers, switches and sensors to help you regulate and isolate your process with certainty

Topworx Switch Box Valvetop DXP

Topworx Switch Box DXP – Valvetop DXP combines bus networking, pilot valve also position sensors.

In a single globally certified flame and explosion proof enclosures that attach to any automated valve package.

The Topworx Switch Box designed to provide lifetime performance, a rugged switchbox, also endurance tested for over 3.5 million cycles.

Proven tough in demanding environmental conditions, also low temperatures.

ATEX, UL and CSA Certified for use in Zone 0, 1, and 2 (Class 1 Division 1 & 2) hazardous areas.

Topworx Switch Box Valvetop DXS

DXS – Valvetop DXS (Ideal for offshore platforms) is a 316 stainless steel valve controller with the same features as the DXP.

Endurance tested and proven tough in demanding environmental conditions, including salt water sprays and extreme temperatures.

Topworx Switch Box Valvetop D-ESD

Topworx Switch Box D-ESD – Valvetop D-ESD Suitable for use in SIL-3 applications.

These provide a complete Partial Stroke Test Solution.

Unique features also functionality enable partial stroke testing of emergency shutdown valves without disrupting or shutting down the process.

Topworx Switch Box Valvetop DXN

Topworx Switch Box DXN – Valvetop DXN with Nuclear Go Switches Modular, discrete indication package with a junction box for Global Containment.

Single-point mount, stainless steel modular package also integral junction box which fits most quarter-turn actuators.

Proximity switches have no lever arms to bend, break, or lose set point.

Outstanding for high or low current applications and offers significant reduction in total installation costs.

Topworx Switch Box Valvetop DXR

DXR – Valvetop DXR Combines bus networking, pilot valve, also position sensors into a single, globally certified, explosion proof enclosure that attaches to any automated valve package.

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