Topworx Discrete Valve Controllers

Discrete Valve Controllers

for On/Off Valves

Emerson is a global leader in valve control and proximity sensing for the process industries.

Topworx solutions enable plants, platforms, and pipelines to manage and control operations more intelligently and efficiently under the most demanding and extreme conditions.

Global Technology Leadership

The technology advancements in Topworx products are at the forefront of innovation in the process automation industry.

These products use wireless technologies and fieldbus protocols such as FOUNDATION Fieldbus, DeviceNet, AS-Interface, Profibus, and HART, to reduce installation costs and enable predictive maintenance.

Global Hazardous Area Certifications

In addition to high temperature+204 °C (+399 °F), cold temperature -50 °C (-58 °F), and subsea 7,010 m (23,000 ft) applications.

Topworx products are suitable for use in Flameproof/Explosion Proof and NonIncendive, as well as Intrinsically Safe hazardous areas with IECEx, ATEX and GOST, InMetro, UL, CSA, KOSHA, and NEPSI certifications.

Discrete Valve Controllers for On/Off Valves

The discrete valve controllers enable automated on/off valves to communicate via FOUNDATION Fieldbus and DeviceNet. As well as AS-Interface, and Profibus, HART and Wireless HART protocols.

They attach to all rotary and linear valves and actuators, operate in the most demanding environmental conditions, and carry a variety of hazardous area certifications.

Discrete Valve Controllers for:

• Any bus network • Any hazardous area • Any valve or actuator • Anywhere in the world

Valve control solutions deliver on today’s new customer requirements. With this program, customers enjoy:

A complete line of valve controllers and monitors for every protocol, application, environment, and hazardous area.

The world’s leading selection of valve networking products, including Foundation Fieldbus, DeviceNet, AS-Interface, and Profibus.

The most reliable and durable valve position sensor on the planet, the GO Switch.
On/Off valve control and indication through wireless technology.

Quality products with global agency approvals, including IECEx and ATEX, also CE, UL, and CSA, and NEPSI, KOSHA, InMetro, PESO and EAC.

The unmatched process experience and bus networking expertise of TopWorx™, the leading provider of valve control and position sensing solutions for the process industries.