Spectrum food service cartridges

Spectrum Food Service Cartridge

For food service solutions Spectrum Cartridges are practical and affordable.

Spectrum Food service cartridge, an alternative retro-fit to Everpure cartridges delivering premium quality drinking water.

Spectrum food service cartridges available in standard 10”, also a high capacity 14″ length system configurations.

Simple and quick to install the AOW range of food service cartridges protects and extends the life of equipment from scale, ultimately reducing servicing costs, machine downtime and saving energy costs.

Reduces chlorine, taste and odour, also offensive contaminants that may affect water quality and damage equipment.

Featuring a ¼ turn head, the Spectrum AOW2 and AOW4 offer a reliable economical retrofit alternative to expensive cartridge replacements.

Or for first time installations select ACH1 filter head, manufactured to reduce lead levels to below 10ppb and to deliver 0.5 micron filtration

These cartridges will reduce contaminants that seriously impact health, such as Cryptosporidium, Giardia Cysts and asbestos fibres.

Designed for vending machines and coffee brewers also mains fed water coolers. Take a look at Fileder Water Filters.