Seko Progressive Cavity Pumps

Seko progressive cavity pump

Seko Progressive Cavity Pumps or Progressive Dosing Pump are the ideal solution for the conveying or dosing of a great variety of substances, including chemicals.

Thanks to their continuous flow, no vibrations, very high priming, flow reversibility and low pulsation conveyance in proportion to rotation speed makes it possible to use them in any branch of industry.

Seko pumps have no valves therefore they are suitable for conveying liquids with suspended solids, or pasty.

Suitable for medium or heavy duties services, the most important application of Seko Progressive Series pumps are waste water treatment and in industry.

The pump features a uniform flow rate proportional to the number of revolutions, as well as small size. This allows pumping the product without pulsations but also to keep it unaltered and undamaged. The pump is self-priming, with suction capacity proportional to its size, number of stages and speed. Minimum suction is 4 m.W.C.

The pump can work with a wide range of fluids. These can contain gases, abrasives, fibers and solids within the liquid matrix.

The Screw Pump characteristics include:

    • Pumping and dosing high or low viscosity liquids up to 1.000.000 cps
    • Pulse-free pumping with minimum tensile strain on the processed product
    • High pumping pressure (6 bar per stage)
  • Pumps are available in single or multi-stage versions, depending on the required pressure

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