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Roto Pumps manufacture Progressive Cavity Pumps, Twin Screw Pumps and Accessories.

Roto Pumps Distributor, MTA Components

Progressive Cavity Pumps Food and Hygienic: FN and HN Series pumps are made of stainless steel with non contaminating rubber stators. A smooth surface eliminates product retaining pockets and are supplied with food grade Gland packing or Mechanical seals.

Progressive Cavity Pumps Industrial: Small capacity RD heavy duty pumps for continuous or intermittent dosing or transfer duties, available in close-coupled and bare-shaft configuration.

Progressive Cavity Pumps Multi Purpose: DC pumps are simply designed, requiring less maintenance, skill and tools for repair, are used in various industries and are made of Cast Iron or U.V. resistant Acetal-co-polymer. Suction lift capability goes as high as 7 meters.

Twin Screw Pumps: These pumps rely on rotation of two screw spindles within a closed compartment. A predefined clearance is maintained between the screw spindles and screws and the bore of the casing.

Horizontal Internal Bearing Twin Screw pumps: A standard foot mounted configuration suitable for clean fluids that have lubricating properties. Fitted with relief valves suitable for 100% bypass and in-line suction and discharge ports. Mechanical seals are standard.

Horizontal External Bearing Twin Screw Pumps: For handling fluid that shows different characteristics at different temperatures, available in standard foot and centre-lined mounted configuration. Suitable for neutral or aggressive liquids.

Vertical Twin Screw Pumps: Available in external and internal bearing configuration with in-line suction and discharge ports. Fitted with relief valves suitable for 100% bypass. Mechanical seals are standard.

Accessories: Dry Running Protection Device DRP-001, Gauges (pressure, vacuum, differential), Pressure Switch, Relief Valves and Strainers

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