Roto pump DM series food pum

ROTO DM Pumps, specially designed for applications in food, beverage and cosmetic industries.

These pumps are simple in construction with emphasis on quick cleaning.

All metallic parts in contact with the media are 316 and 304 stainless steel with a smooth finish.

ROTO DM PUMPS – Wide throat hopper inlets incorporating coupling rod mounted augers are available for highly viscous media.

Distinctive design, features and benefits

  • Positive displacement – The head developed, independent of speed, also capacity, proportionate to the speed.
  • Non contaminating metals – All metallic surfaces in contact with the media are smooth surface stainless steel.
  • No retaining pockets – Avoids chemical also bacterial contamination.
  • Cleaning in place – Ensures positive cleaning.
  • High suction lift – Ideal for lifting viscous fluids, also effective in high vacuum conditions.
  • Low fluid velocity – Ensures gentle handling of shear sensitive fluids.
  • Uniform flow – No pulsation, turbulence or aeration.
  • Non clogging – Ability to handle solids in suspension also mixtures containing high percentage of solids.
  • Self priming – Can handle high percentage of air, gas also vapor with liquid.
  • Versatility – Handles any fluid from clear water to highly viscous media.
  • Reversible – The rotation and direction of flow are reversible. This offers flexibility in handling various applications.

The progressive cavity pumping principle

ROTO DM PUMPS – The pumping elements consist of a precision machined single helical metal rotor. Also a double helical elastomer stator.

With the rotor engaged in the stator, a seal line is maintained in the static also the dynamic conditions.

As the rotor turns inside the stator, a series of cavities form that progress from te suction to the discharge end of the pump.

As one cavity opens and closes, its opposing cavity closes and opens at exactly the same rate resulting in a constant non-pulsating fluid flow.