Puresil Techniflex industrial hose

Puresil Techniflex

Puresil Techniflex manufacture high purity and hygienic process transfer components

Puresil Techniflex Distributor MTA Components

Industries include: Food, Dairy, Brewery and Beverage; Water, Chemical and Nuclear; Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology, Personal Products and Healthcare and Medical Laboratory and Life Sciences.

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology:

  • High Purity Silicone and Teflon lined Process Hoses
  • USP Class VI High Purity Transfer and  Pump Tubing
  • Single Use Media Sampling and Transfer Systems
  • Custom Moulded End Connections and Tubing Sets
  • Elast‐O‐Pure USP Class VI High Purity Gaskets

Medical Laboratory and Life Sciences:

  • Custom Moulded Hoses and Tubing Assemblies
  • Single Use Hose Barbs, Connectors and Tri‐Clamp fittings
  • Flow Control and Pinch Valves for Tubing and Hose
  • Single Use Hose Barbs, Connectors and Tri‐Clamp fittings

Food, Dairy, Brewery and Beverage:

  • FDA Process Hoses, Heat Traced Hoses, Tanker Hoses
  • FDA and USP Class VI Peristaltic Pump and Transfer Tubing
  • Hygienic Sight Glasses and Sight Level Gauges
  • Hose Reels, Wash down Hoses, Lances and Water Guns

Personal Products and Healthcare:

  • Smooth Bore Hygienic and High Purity Process Hoses
  • All Hygienic Fittings, Adaptors and Gaskets solutions
  • No‐Spill, Dry Break and Quick Connect Hose Couplings
  • Smooth Bore & Convoluted PTFE Transfer Hoses
  • In‐Line Hygienic Sight Glasses and Sight Level Gauges

Water, Chemical and Nuclear:

  • WRAS and WRC Approved Drinking Water Hoses
  • Sta‐pure and Chem‐sure High Pressure Pump Tubing Elements
  • Water Filtration Hoses and Sight Glass Assemblies
  • PTFE lined Hoses for Chemical Dosing and Transfer lines
  • WRAS and WRC Tube, Connectors, Valves and Fittings

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