Puresil Techniflex Food

Technifood Ultra FDA Approved Extra Flexible Hygienic Food, Dairy & Brewery Hoses

These are very flexible and lightweight suction and delivery hoses which offer working pressures up to 12.0 Bar (175 PSI).

Designed for easy and safe handling, they are also lightweight and flexible.

Techniflex and Puresil hygienic hoses have Safe-lok, Interlocking swaged end connections allowing removal all bacteria traps and cross contamination areas.

Sizes range from 1” to 4” are FDA approved and can operate with temperatures from -35° to +95°C.

The Max hose cleaning temperature of 130°C when unpressurised, open ended, and the operating pressure is up to 12. Bar.

Minimum burst pressure is 36.0 Bar and vacuum rating is 80% up to 2” I/D and 70% at 2.5” I/D and above.

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