Burkert Online Analysis System Type 8905

burkert 8905 online analysis system

Whether the task is to produce drinking water, or supply horticultural and industrial applications.

Burkert Online Analysis System Type 8905 – Settings and status via a 7” touch screen display, USB, Ethernet and fieldbus connectivity for easy integration and communications options. Datasheet Type 8905 Download Download Datasheet Type 8905

This concept allows flexibility by offering modularity in the hardware as well as in the software of the system.

This not only speeds-up installation but can improve process performance, reduce downtime and cut overall costs.

The compact unit is in two sections; the top contains the electronic control part and includes the 7″ touch screen display as well as the comms modules.

Burkert Online Analysis System Type 8905 – These modules allow further unit expansion as well as additional communication facilities.

Each cube has the same dimensions and connections and can be plugged in, or removed from the unit while it is operational.

Five sensor cubes available which measure pH, oxidation reduction potential (ORP), conductivity, free chlorine and turbidity.

Each sensor cube contains all the required data for operating the menus, configurations and its specific functions.

This allows a water treatment facility to expand it capabilities as required with minimal cost and time implications.

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