Master Pur HX Trivolution

Masterflex pur-h trivolution

FDA approved hoses Master Pur HX Trivolution

These hoses are made from Polyester polyurethane which is microbe resistant. Datasheet Download

Also reinforced with embedded copper coated high tensile steel wire helix and have a PU thickness of maximum 2.1mm.

The Trivolution hose offers good flexibility and are extremely abrasion resistant, also microbe resistant with anti-static and a surface resistance of < 10 to the 9 ohms.

Nearly smooth bore, Heavy duty with improved pressure & vacuum features over the Master-Pur H hose.

Ideal for transportation of sand, gravel, grain and glass wool.

The colour is clear with a size range of 32mm to 300mm, also the temperature range is from -40ºC to +90ºC (intermittent to +125ºC).

FDA approved hoses, other lengths available as well as a range of end fittings on request.

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