J3CS 85 JJ Electric Actuator

JJ electric actuator J3C S85

J3C-S85 On Off Electric Actuator Maximum Torque 90Nm

Maximum 90Nm 24-240V Multi-voltage reversible IP67 on-off quarter turn smart electric actuator, with manual override, also heater, torque limiter, LED status light, external Din plug connection and dome visual indicator.

F07, F05 x 17mm female star mounting.

On-Off electric actuator. Power open, power close. Stays put on external power failure. Designed to have power applied at all times.

Max break torque 90Nm. and Max run and reseat torque 85Nm. also Max ambient temp range -20 to +70C.

12V Conversion PCB kit
Failsafe using internal battery (BSR) kit.
Modulating using digital magnetic positioner (DPS) kit.
Failsafe modulating using BSR & DPS kits.
Teflon coated mounting and drive output.

J&J new range of actuators J3CS offers the possibility to cover the entire voltage range:

Series J3CS S20 ranges from 24 VDC / VAC to 240 VDC / VAC with only one actuator.

The series J3CS B20 works to 12 VAC / VDC .

It is therefore a quarter turn actuator, total multi voltage with a maximum torque of 90Nm.

The electronic board is divided into two parts, including a power supply and a common control for all models.

Other features such as automatic / manual lever (CDM), the visual position indicator (VPI) and the manual override (EMO).

Visual control of operation RGB LED (VCO), automatic temperature control (ATC), and electronic control torque (ETL) are common to those of the previous series J3C.

The new DPS 2017 with an encoder system has been designed for this new range.

As is the case with our new BSR 2017 system, which is designed exclusively for our J3CS range.

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