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Hycontrol engineers have been specifying pressure, level and flow instrumentation since 1977 on a diverse range of applications from offshore oil rigs to the mighty Challenger Battle Tank.

Hycontrol product range has increased considerably since this time introducing new technologies to solve more and more demanding applications in level measurement. We can now measure the contents of tanks with non invasive technology and measure silos as high as 60m using only simple two wire devices. This extensive range of level technologies now includes everything from a simple float to a dual output multi-interface level sonar detector.

Hycontrol Level Measurement specialise in complete Level Measurement solutions including Display and Control Panels for dedicated applications. Level Switches, Float Switches are inexpensive and efficient liquid level sensors, simple to install and designed for trouble free operation over a long life.

Safety Systems, Silo Protection, Ground Level Test Facility for High Level Alarms and Bitumen Safety Systems. Alarm and display panels, Standard and custom design panels for a wide range of industrial applications.

Display Indicators, 4 and 6 digit display Indicators, Bar graph display and paperless recorders. Remote level monitoring, Dataflex (Telemetry System), Wireless Level Measurement (Wireless Data Transmission) and Webflex (stand-alone device, will seamlessly web-enable installed equipment without having to replace or upgrade it)

Level Measurement, Ultrasonic, the Microflex C is a low cost, non-contact ultrasonic level transmitter for liquids only

Industries using Hycontrol Level Measurement products: Water, Wastewater and Food and Beverage, Chemical, Petrochemical and Environmental, Utilities and Quarry.

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