Goetze Safety Valves Series 451

Goetze safety valves series 451

Safety valves, stainless steel, angle-type with threaded connections. TÜV/CE for industrial applications.

Goetze Safety Valves Series 451 – the benefits and applications of safety valves, made of high-alloyed stainless steel begin, where gunmetal versions are at their limits.

The flexibility of the various versions offer the optimal configuration for every application.

In addition to the basic version the numerous sealing possibilities and materials back-pressure compensating metal bellows and/or a gastight cap offer the necessary optional extras required to fulfill the highest safety requirements.

For the protection of: pressure tanks and systems for neutral/non-neutral vapours, gases and liquids.

Also steam boilers and steam plants and bulk transport vehicles for liquid, granular and dusty goods.

Please observe plant-specific regulations and use of appropriate valve version and sealing material.

For the protection of chemical plants, biogas plants, also process equipment construction and medical technology (sterilizers, autoclaves).

Also secondary areas in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries and offshore applications.

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