Festo EPCO electric cylinder

festo epco electric cylinder

Festo EPCO Electric Cylinder – Servo for all, almost as simple as a pneumatic cylinder

The EPCO Electric Cylinder combines the simplicity of a pneumatic cylinder with the positioning advantages of an electric drive.

The high costs and complexity of servo drive technology are now a thing of the past.

The electric cylinder includes a motor controller, web configuration also diagnostics as an optimised motion series solution package.

This universal electric cylinder is ideally suited e.g. for feeding parts, inserting, removing, also loading a magazine and retaining, as a stop.

The multi-position drive offers high thrust forces and is fast and compact, also with a pre-installed motor and controller.

The electric cylinder is available as a complete optimised motion series system with pre-assembled cables.

Also matching motor controller CMMO-ST as well as software for fast commissioning using a web server/browser concept.

Two software tools Web Config and WebDiag provide simple configuration and diagnostics in conjunction with the motor controller CMMO with no need for a PLC.

This provides security as the individual components will always fit together and incorrect dimensioning is virtually impossible.