EGE Special Sensors for Automation

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EGE Special Sensors develop and manufactures special purpose sensors for automation applications since 1976.

EGE Special Sensors range includes Flow controllers, which monitor flow speed by using a thermal dynamic technique without mechanical moving parts.

Also Infrared, for measuring temperatures or detecting hot objects without contact.

Customisable sensors made to your specifications are available.

Opto Sensors, which diffuse reflective sensors through beam opto system for all types of applications and Capacitive Proximity Switches.

For positioning, counting and detecting metal and non metal objects without contact.

Ultrasonic sensors, Light barriers, Inductive proximity switches also Sensors for highly sensitive applications, including hazardous areas.

Intrinsically Safe Sensors based on ATEX for Explosive and Hazardous areas are also available.

EGE has been a pioneer in the field of flow controller.

An innovator and decisive participant in the development of today’s globally utilized thermal flow controllers.

The in-house EMC also test laboratories ensure inspections and tests for permits and conformity certificates are all carried out quickly and reliably.

Product quality is guaranteed with a continuously monitored quality management system in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2000.

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