EGE Sensors Inductive Proximity Switches IGMH

ege igmh proximity switch

EGE Sensors Inductive Proximity Switches, IGMH Series, robust and heat-resistant.

EGE Sensors Inductive Proximity Switches designed for continuous use at ambient temperatures between –25 and +160 °C.

Available as M12, M18 and M30 sensors and switching distances of between 2 and 15 mm.

High temperature and stainless steel Inductive Proximity Switches, available in two versions.

Moisture-proof IP67 models, connected via a notch-resistant silicone cable.

Weather-proof and chemically resistant IP 68/IP 69K models, resist high-pressure cleaning and also connected via an FEP cable.

IGMH sensors for drying kilns as well as food industry applications also heavy industry with extreme environmental conditions.

Flush mounting, sensor is built into metal, up to its active surface without changing the characteristics.

Non flush mounting – a metal-free zone around the sensor

A free zone to the material opposite the sensor needs maintained for all sensors.

Collocation – When collocating sensors a minimum separation between devices is necessary to avoid mutual influence.

When in doubt, a test should be conducted under application conditions.

Flush mounting, the lateral separation between two sensors, corresponds to at least the diameter of the sensor.

Non flush mounting, the lateral separation from one another should correspond to at least twice the sensor diameter.

No mutual influence is expected with separations greater than eight times the diameter.

Opposite mounted sensors require a minimal separation of eight times the nominal switching separation.

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