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When planning equipment for the food and beverage industry, the gentle handling of the subsidized products is a top priority.

The selected components have to meet this requirement by being designed in a way that they do not destroy the product and may not introduce contaminants into the duct system.

EBRO valves and actuators are consistently designed according to these specifications and are safely applicable to processes with critical products.

Butterfly valves of the series “Inflas” are designed and equipped with a sealing system which is pressed to the disc after the closing operation. This way, the grinding or crushing of the feed-through products is effectively prevented.

Z 011-A
Resilient Seated Valve
A universally applicable wafer type valve manufactured acc. to EN 593.A wide range of standard materials offers the use in various applications.

For potable water applications
Resilient seated butterfly valve especially designed for water applications. Certified by DVGW.

Z 614-K
Valve with split body
Valve with split stainless steel body for use in the food and beverage industry.

HP 111
High Performance Valves
A high-performance wafer type valve suitable for high pressure and high temperature applications.

HP 114
High Performance Valves
A high-performance lug type valve suitable for high pressure and high temperature applications.

butterfly valve
The series TW-M provides a light metal body with a stainless steel insert ring instead of an elastomer seat. Due to its special design a jamming of the media e.g.granulates is avoided. The valve closes properly.

WB 14
Lug Type Knife Gate Valve for water applications.
These valves are all bi-directional and can therefore be installed into pipe systems independent of pressure direction. Full bore and excellent flow characteristics makes them suitable for fluids, sludge and liquids with solids in suspensions such as water, sewage and bio mass.

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