CDR Solids Handling Mag Drive Pump

CDR Solids Handling Mag Drive Pump

CDR Mag Drive Pump, Say goodbye to fluid contamination with the first solids handling magnetically driven centrifugal pump.

Say goodbye to mechanical seals and say goodbye to external flushing systems

Say hello to the unique new open impeller, Say hello to zero-vapour loss and Say hello to the new X line pumps….

It has long been known that magnetically driven centrifugal pumps are unable to handle fluids with any solid content as fluid paths get blocked rendering the pump unusable…. UNTIL NOW…

CDR’s new solids handling mag drive pump has been designed to transfer fluids which do contain particulates removing the need for external flushing systems and mechanical seals.

This in turn removes the risk of fluid contamination and still benefits from zero-vapour loss for hazardous liquids and can be ATEX certified for flammable liquids that mag drive pumps are best known for.

CDR Mag Drive Pump, currently available in Stainless Steel 316 also known as the XTS Solids Handling Mag Drive Pump or the PFA XTN Lined Solids Handling Mag Drive Pump making them the right choice for a wide variety of fluids handling applications.

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