Burkert type 2610 Solenoid Valve

Burkert type 2610 Solenoid Valve

Burkert solenoid valves type 2610 for temperatures from -200° C to +180° C.

Burkert type 2610 Solenoid Valve – available in normally closed version also the core of the solenoid is a metal bellows of durable stainless steel.

This thermally decouples the coil from the valve body also prevents both condensation and overheating of the coil.

The welded metal bellows system provides high gas tightness.

Standard feature of the type 2610 valve is the power-reducing “Kick & Drop” electronics.

The starting power of 72 W required for valve opening is generated by over-excitation of the coil.

Immediately (400 ms) after the valve has switched, power consumption is electronically reduced to below 4 W holding power.

Broad temperature spectrum -200°C to +180°C, for extreme temperature ranges.

Temperatures -200°C the thermal decoupling prevents freezing the coil and condensation.

The solenoid valve is also for critical chemical applications.

The metal bellows system, durable stainless steel, PTFE seal for safe switching of mild acidic also alkaline solutions.

Media separated and direct-acting also viscosity up to ca. 21 mm2/s.

Pressure range from 0 to 10 bar as well as in diameters 6, 8 and 12 mm.

Switching frequency 10/min also operating voltage: 24, 110, 220.230 V UC

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