Burkert pneumatic valve island Type 8652

Burkert pneumatic valve island Type 8652

Burkert pneumatic valve island Type 8652 – Especially in hygienic applications where productivity, cleanliness and safety have been improved.

Burkert – latest innovation combines established technologies with new functions, reducing commissioning time and improve process safety.

Ideally suited to both centralised and distributed control systems, and offering flexible installation and features that reduce commissioning time.

Also it simplifies maintenance and servicing, allowing a redundant setup for critical processes.

It also has an integrated LCD screen that displays pilot valve status.

Switching status of process valves and current pressure values, also a switching cycle counter and a diagnostic report.

This simplifies commissioning and operational maintenance including fault diagnosis by providing fast status information for remote components and connections.

Further benefits, the on-board communications that use ring networking topology for a media redundancy protocol (MRP).

Ensures continued operation in the event of a communication node failure.

This improves system availability as well as the reliability of the customer’s process.

As such, applications in pharmaceuticals, food production and water treatment are likely to take the lead in adopting this innovative technology.

Low energy usage, once power reduction is active, nominal power consumption is reduced to 0.1W with a rated current of 10 mA per valve.

Response times for open and closing are based on the ISO 12238 standard at 15 / 20 / 25 ms depending on the valve configuration.

For those looking to update existing systems or introduce new control technology, the Burkert solution can reduce installation and commissioning times as well minimise operating costs and downtime.

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