Burkert Pneumatic Technology

burkert control unit iv

Burkert pneumatic technology for high-precision dosing.

The dosing system for fluids, all applications that require dosing of defined sample quantities with repeatable accuracy.

Dosing applications include, chemicals in industrial washing machines, flavourings in beverage industry and dosing in filling machines. Actuated via pressure and vacuum, which provides substantially more power than conventional actuating systems.

This power makes it possible to control the defined dosing quantity with a precision of ±2 %, largely independent of temperature and viscosity.

The size of the dosing chamber defines the dosing volume per stroke also, it can be between 150 and 750 μl.

The system consists of a controller and an exchangeable dosing chamber, also can be attached to the controller or positioned freely.

The dosing chamber consists of two media-contacting components, a plastic housing and a separating membrane.

High quality materials such as PEEK and FKM or FFKM makes it possible to convey very aggressive media.

The chamber is self-priming and easy to flush, the controller supplies the membrane above the chamber alternately with pressure or vacuum.

For single-use applications the dosing chambers consist of inexpensive materials and are available in sterile versions.

The controller of the pneumatic dosing system contains the on/off valves and the electronics.

The system requires external compressed air, and in the case of unpressurised media, vacuum must also be supplied. The controller is available with an integrated pressure and vacuum supply.

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