Burkert Microfluidics

burkert microfluidics

Today’s advanced life science research in fields such as molecular diagnostics, destined to become the standard diagnostic method of tomorrow.

Biochips and DNA analysis are leading edge technologies which will improve early diagnosis, protect us from pandemics, also identify the solutions for currently incurable diseases.

High throughput systems not only enable genome sequencing but are also the basis for faster and more efficient drug development.

Burkert products offer expertise in precision dosing, ultra-short response times, low internal volumes, chemically inert materials for unaltered test results.

As well as cross contamination free components and manifolds all aid in effective design of your lab automation devices.

Burkert provides cutting edge solutions for Invitro Diagnostic applications including, Multilayer manifold for immunoassay system.

A 2-station manifold type 0127 for clinical diagnostics and 5-station manifold type 6606 for rinsing cycle.

Environmental and paper production monitoring, waste water analysis, food quality control and viscosity determination in petrochemistry are applications that require, automated on-site analytics.

Products include, Unit for on-site phosphate measurement, System for automated oil viscosity measurement and 3-fold distribution unit for titration.

Across industries, from industrial inkjet, optical disc production, lubricant or glue dosing.

Also car wash stations to commercial appliances, increasing demands are made on low-volume liquid handling.

Products include, Ink supply and rinsing unit for industrial inkjet, Carrying handle for water-cooled core drill and Seal gas block for turbo molecular pumps.

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