Burkert Gas Handling

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Versatile systems highlight continuous innovation, developed to make gas control and monitoring systems much easier.

An otherwise unattainable synergy of hard-working valve elements, mass flow controllers, micro-controllers and networked communication.

Represents a genuinely unique source of remarkably attractive systems, peace of mind, also process safety and ease of use.

Flames and plasmas used in melting, forming, inert gas welding, cutting and brazing.

This alters the shape and engineering properties of many different materials.

From machinery that shapes tiny medical glass tubes to heavy equipment for cutting nine-inch steel.

We have an assortment of technologies, and when introduced early at design stage to give profitable results.

Products include, type 2835 solenoid control valve with up to 8mm orifice size.

Customised oxyfuel cutting control system and 5404 rugged and reliable solenoid valve.

Burkert has been involved in many innovative fuel ideas from bio fuels to wind energy and we have always been closely involved in fuel cell technology.

Our isolated solenoid valve technology was at the heart of the first solution to successfully tackle harsh water conditions.

Both inside the automotive industry and out we deal with the demands of reformers and interruptible power supplies, deionized water and high pressure gases to meet client next generation requirements.

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