Burkert Food and Beverage

Processing and measuring and controlling of liquids and gases demands superior instrument performance and networkability; the equipment used has to interface seamlessly.

Compactness, smart communications, plant footprints, cleaning and sterilisation, dead legs and cross-contamination are everyday concerns.

All instruments and components are flexible and can be used in many different processes; for even easier operation, internal processing, and preventative maintenance.

The overall mechanical process connectivity is equally as important for maintaining sterile conditions as well as optimisation of plant performance and process security.

Standard connectivity with modular, decentralized monitoring, intelligence and diagnostics are the platform for flow control networks which provide reliable productivity data from your plant level network.

Supporting the validation requirements of clients and customers Burkert have extended the quality culture to certification and documentation for food and beverage specific requirements.

Optimised traceability, the elimination of waste from handling procedures and innovative supply chain/transformation processes raise levels of capability.

Products include, Pilot Valves Type 6519, type 6014p and type 6012p. The type 8640 is an Airline valve unit, which is designed to solve diverse and complex control problems due to its systematic modular construction and combination of pneumatic and electrical interfaces.

Download Pdf: Burkert Food and Beverage Brochure