Blagdon Diaphragm pump

Blagdon Pump

Blagdon Pump manufacture Submersible, Remote Controlled Pumps

Blagdon Pump distributor MTA Components

These pumps are designed for handling fluid media offering a flexible modular pump ensuring short lead times and customising opportunities with high quality wear parts, spares and accessories.

The Pumps have leak-free air valves which are easily removed for servicing and are portable, compact, safe in hazardous areas and are have remote control capabilities.

Pump types:
Metallic, Non-metallic and PTFE, Hygienic, FDA Approved, High Pressure and Centrifugal

Key Features:

  • Pumps can run dry without damage or danger and are fully submersible and designed to operate at low noise levels
  • They have leak-free air valves that are easily removed for servicing and can be stripped down quickly without any specialised tools
  • They are self-priming to over 6 metres, pressure balanced – They stall if discharge is closed and restart when discharge is opened so avoiding heat build up and wearing of components
  • They have minimum product agitation and have long stroke, slow speed cycling capability for low initial break out
  • They are portable, compact and can be remotely controlled and fully packaged and safe in hazardous areas, no sparking, air-driven

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