Bakery and confectionary production

Festo compressed air – Hygienic, easy-to-clean and sturdy automation solutions for bakery and confectionery production. From stocking raw materials to dough production also baking and packaging, Festo provides components and ready-to-install system solutions and suitable services for your production process.

We have the right solution for these requirements:

  • Time-saving cleaning with components in clean design
  • Functionality of components at high and low temperatures
  • Drives for precise cutting also with reproducible results
  • Solutions for reliable packaging with high flexibility

Solutions for the best results

Food quality and compressed air quality

Great care has to be taken whenever compressed air comes into contact with food. Because compressed air is not clean by nature. Application-specific compressed air preparation ensures the highest possible level of safety for food, consumers and producers.

Machine vision systems for maximum productivity

Whether it is for position recognition or quality criteria, camera systems are used in a wide variety of applications. With Festo the choice is yours: there’s a well-matched, efficient solution for almost any requirement. More about image processing systems