ARI-Armaturen ARI-CONA P

ARI-Armaturen ARI-CONA P

ARI-Armaturen ARI-CONA P, Ari Pump trap, displacement: 10,5 Litre, Fluid group 2.

ARI-Armaturen ARI-CONA P, no electricity required also float operated also PN16.

The features, automatic operation, adapts automatically to the condensate level and the pressure conditions.

ARI-Armaturen ARI-CONA P, and it’s design, robust and durable also manual settings not required.

Easy servicing, maintenance and repairs also without disturbing the pipework.

All internals made of stainless steel also high endurance Inconel X-750 springs.

The body design, with high cycle fatigue strength also low filling head.

No leakage due to moving exterior parts, also female thread connections Rp/G, union with butt weld ends and loose flange as an option. (loose flange only for main connections)


A float-operated pump trap, recovers condensate safely and completely from heat exchangers, also unaerated vessels in difficult pressure conditions.

If positive pressure difference, the pump trap operates as a normal steam trap.

With negative pressure difference, operates as a condensate pump, also switches between these two operating modes automatically.

The pump trap, perfect to remove condensate from heat exchangers and vessels, from high pressure to vacuum.

Limit operating pressure of motive medium 1 to 4 bar higher than the expected back pressure.

The motive medium remains in the system, also must match the gas phase of the medium to be drained.

Sizing: Suitability for customer specific application, ARI checks if the CONA P pump trap matches requirements.

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