Adca steam trap


Adca Steam Traps and Thermodynamic DT32 disc steam traps

Adca steam traps are compact and lightweight and easy to install traps, excellent for high pressure systems, including steam tracing applications.

Adca distributor MTA Components

Pressure Reducing Valves, such as, direct acting, spring-loaded and diaphragm sensing, which are designed for use on steam and compressed air and other gases compatible with the materials of construction.

Control Valves, such as, the PPV25 on-off valves are single seated, two-way body constructed with in-line straight connections. The PPI pneumatic actuators are of the piston type.

Their wide application ranges allows the use of this valve with the most common process fluids such as water, superheated water, steam, air, gas and other fluids.

Other products: AdcaPure for Clean steam and industrial gases and fluids for the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and cosmetic industry.

Pipeline Ancillaries:
Filters, sight glasses, vacuum breakers and drip traps, air eliminators, Adcatherm and Adcamat pumps, Humidity separators and Heat exchangers.

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