ADCA PRV25/2S series, direct acting pressure reducing valves, are designed for use on steam, compressed air, water and other gases and liquids.

They are suitable for reducing steam pressure at the point of use on laundry machines, dyeing, food industries, sterilizers, etc.

Connections are female screwed or flanged, compact design also built-in strainer.

Bellows specially designed for high durability also non rising stem regulating knob and a lockable knob system.


Regulating screw with top cap, saturated steam, compressed air, water, also other gases and liquids compatible with the construction.

ADCA PRV25/2S, metal to metal seating and the PRV25/2SG, soft valve.

The PRW25/2S, balanced soft valve also the PRV25/2S for steam and compressed air.

PRV25/2SG, steam and compressed air where tight off required and the PRW25/2S, water, compressed air.

The sizes are as follows, 1/2″, 3/4″, 1”; DN 15, DN 20 and DN 25 also female screwed ISO7/1Rp (BS 21).

Flanged EN 1092-1 PN40 or ANSI also horizontal installation. A Y strainer should be installed upstream of the valve.

CE MARKING – GROUP 2 (PED – European Directive) PN25 Category DN 15 to 25 SEP

Pressure reducers are essential components in most fluid distribution systems.

Valsteam Adca offers you a wide range of options, from the simplest direct acting valve, to the most sophisticated pilot valve and in various types of construction.

We have, in storage, the necessary materials to quickly manufacture a soft valve or higher hardness, by adding cobalt alloys and others.

Our flexibility also allows us to manufacture some products by measure.

There’s a broad choice and, in some cases, we can have several solutions for the same situation, so we will always be available to study and suggest the best.

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