Adca control valve pv25

Adca Pneumatic Control Valve PV25

The PV25 control valves, Adcatrol, single seated, two-way body, also in-line straight connections

The PA pneumatic actuator has rubber diaphragm and multi-spring, its action is DA, direct action (air to close) or RA, reverse action (air to open).

PV25 valves designed for accurate control in any process condition.
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Ideal for common process fluids like water, superheated water and steam, also air, gas and other non corrosive fluids (group 1).

The valves are single seated and two way, and have direct or reverse action.

Valve top flange offers metal to metal sealing, also permanently attached to the body and removal is not necessary for replacing the actuator.

To size the valve, do so according to the required actual flow of steam or water.

Refer to valve calculation data sheet or consult the factory.

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